Walt Disney World Gets New Monorail

WDW will soon have twelve monorail trains in its collection as they plan to add a new train to its fleet this fall.

The new train will make an even dozen monorails in the Disney collection. The last time Disney had a full twelve trains was prior to the July 2009 accident that resulted in the death of a driver. Since then, WDW has been running eleven monorails.

The new monorail is comprised of recycled parts from the two trains invovled in that collision as well as new parts. Initially the train will have no stripe when it begins testing in a few weeks but will get a peach-colored stripe sometime in the future.

There's no word on how this will affect the move earlier this summer by Disney to cut down on monorail hours. Disney has said the decision to reduce the monorail service hours is to allow time for needed maintenance on the trains.

Disney expects the train to begin testing in the next few weeks.


DVC Mom wrote on Sun, 08/21/2011 - 20:28:

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DH and I were talking about this today and how the monorail system is 40 years old. I hope that the cut back on monorail hours is just a temporary thing, but it is an aging system. I haven't see any pictures yet of the new monorail, I hope that it's a nice color of peach.

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