Adding another night to your stay

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Adding another night to your stay

Has anyone hear ever added another night to your stay at Disney World? We just did for our May 2014 trip but then I started thinking what if they end up moving us to another room just that for that one night? I would understand if you were adding three nights or more and then had to move (which at that point I wouldn't mind moving) but when it's only for one more night? Has anyone ever done this and what was your experience? Any suggestions.

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we have added a night or 2 many times, if you added to your reservation then no they wont move you Smile if you made a new reservation for the 1 night you could possibly be moved but even then they will do their best to accommodate. Don't worry xx


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I added a room at the beginning of my trip a couple of years ago. I knew going in that it was a possibility that I would have to changes rooms (the additional night was a room only and the original reservation was the package w/ room, tickets and dining plan). It depends on availability.

When I checked in, they were able to find a room that was available for all 8 nights so I didn't have to change rooms.


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My sister ran into this problem for our wedding last summer. Virgin America Airlines had really messed with their return flight and the best solution was for them to stay in Florida for another night. My BIL got on the phone, called POFQ directly and it was taken care of in next to no time. They were able to stay in the same room and as I recall, they even got the same (wedding discount) rate for the extra night. awesome I've also had good luck getting in to a resort a night early. My husband and I drove down for an adults only trip in August 2011 and I guess I was being Leadfoot Lucy since we arrived in Orlando a day earlier than I had intended. I called Pop Century and they were able to find a spot for us for the night. In that case we DID have to move rooms but I didn't mind at all.

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We've come in a day early and they had to put us at another resort. However, anytime that we've added another day to the end of our trip, they've kept us in our current room.

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I added a night at TOT this past October and I didn't have to move at all!! The only thing I had to do was give my ME express info again (it was deleted out of the system when I added the date, so I had to call back another time). Could have been an error just with my reservation, not sure what happened, but I'd double check that your ME info reflects your new departure date.

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Thanks for the responses. It's gotten me a little worried. Reason why is that I don't want to have to change rooms when it's only one day, that is going to ruin the day for us. Now if it was for two days or more, I wouldn't mind. It would obviously be worked into the schedule. My fiance called and talked to the CS and they told him that they couldn't guarantee but that they would do everything possible to work with us, especially since we are going to be on our honeymoon. He also said the CS sounded very optimistic. Then he called Beach Club themselves and the CS said basically the same thing except that they let on that your room isn't really picked out till you get there to check-in, so we need to just let them know at Front Desk and they will do their best to accommodate. The one thing I don't get is that my fiance is doing that thing where he pays here and there for the trip; been doing it for months. This is February. The trip isn't until May. You would think that they should have been able to add the extra night to the existing reservation that we've set up AND BEEN PAYING FOR SINCE JULY. But no, they had to do another separate reservation which got me worrying about all this. I have been wondering about calling them myself and explaining the situation and asking them why this couldn't be done. It doesn't make any sense to me especially when my fiance is still paying for the other main reservation at this moment. You'd think that they definitely would have just added it to the existing reservation. I mean, he had to pay for this one extra night AT ONCE, but yet there's still weekly payment going to the main original reservation. Does that really make any sense to any of you? Do you think I should call and find out if the CS didn't do things right and get it fixed? Cause all of this is seriously making me want to cancel the extra night and just keep things the way they were. If you're curious, "Star Wars" Weekends is the reason for all this. I found out that the first weekend was happening towards the end of our trip and me and hunny being Star Wars fans, we'd always wanted to do this and never got the chance. And now, it is. So that's why we're having to add the extra night. Any suggestions?