Booking Disney reservations Online vs. Phone

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Booking Disney reservations Online vs. Phone

What have your experiences been in booking Disney reservations? Do you prefer to book online or on the phone?
Do you research on one and book on the other? Which do you find to give you the better customer service experience?

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I use to always book over the phone. I loved talking to the cast members and you could request a lot more that way. However, now so much of the phone is automated that most of the time I just book on line. I love that you can now book your DVC trips online. I have never had a need to really talk to anyone while booking a trip using them. I now even book our ADRs on line most of the time.

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i book on line always and call if i have any special requests


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I've done both. Online is faster and easier for routine stuff. Phone is better if you have questions or special requests.

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The automated system works pretty well on the phone, but it is fairly easy to get a person as well. Online is probably faster, but for me I just feel talking to someone gives it a little more conformation.

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I booked online then have been calling to make updates.

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I much prefer the interaction of a real live person. Although the last one I talked to had me wondering if he really was alive. silly


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I MUCH prefer to book online, only because it's easier, cause of my accent I have to speak really slowly and feel like the person on the phone might think I'm taking the pee :-/


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This trip has been all online. So online.


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I haven't used the online booking for DVC yet, I make some reservations in July, so maybe I'll give it a whirl.