Disneyland and universal Hollywood/Los Angeles

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Disneyland and universal Hollywood/Los Angeles

Since we are DVC owners I'd really like to use some points for our stay next year but I'm unsure what to do. We are planning on stopping all over the place in different hotels on the West coast so ideally I'd like to make grand California our base for Universal and LA sights as well but I'm not sure how successful that's gonna be? We will have a car but is the traffic as bad as I've read (I've lived in London!), how long would it take us each day to drive to LA and universal?

I really don't want to have to swap hotels again but if it's gonna be a pain then we will have to do it. Another reason to stay in disney is cause well, we will already have paid the dues on the points so saves having to find cash to pay for hotels.

Any help from west coasters gratefully received!


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Robyn when we stayed at the GC when we went, we were surprised to find out that a large tour bus (I believe it was Gray Lines) makes a stop right at the front of the GC and they then take you to the Tour Bus office where you can buy tickets to MANY places like San Diego Zoo, Sea World and many many different tours of the LA area. It was a real nice way to do some sightseeing in the area and we used it extensively. And no driving yay Believe me everything is well spread out.


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I drove all over LA when I was there in April - although I didn't make it far south enough to get to Disneyland (long story, short of it was I lost my 'free' day due to a couple of arguments between people...!)

However, the amount of driving you might need to do will depend on where you stay. I was based in Studio City (it's a blimin' big place and very reminiscent of what Uncle Walt wanted to do with Progress City) and was able to catch a bus to the gates of Universal at the bottom of the hill. The park itself is up the hill, so you'll have the option of walking up the hill or waiting for the tram to haul you all up there instead. The tram stop is right next to the NBC tower and from the top, you can get a panoramic view of all the major studios, including Warners and Disney's Burbank Studios.

If you're staying at Disney, then factor in at least 60 minutes to drive back to Universal/Griffin Park/Beverly Hills as Disney is in South LA (I think) where the other stuff is based north. Most places are within 30 minutes (according to Google maps) although factor in the traffic which can be infuriating at times. It's like the M25 but 10 times bigger and when there's a jam, it stops completely.

Whilst you're there, I'd highly recommend Pink's Hotdogs on Le Brea. It's the oldest hot dog vendor in the area, having been in the same spot since the late 30s! (There is also a Pink's in Universal but with significantly less choice) In terms of other attractions, you've already got Disney and Universal on the list. Have a wander down Beverly Hills - it really is an upscale area and there is a place showing off costumes and props from TV shows like Chuck. Griffin Park observatory is a good place to get a view of the city and you can see the Hollywood sign from there (I believe you can't drive up to the sign any more and they didn't light it up when I was there last either Sad The Disney Concert Hall on South Grand is worth a visit, especially if there's a concert on - the acoustics are meant to be awesome! There's also the Grammy Museum on W Olympic Boulevard, the Getty Museum and also the drive along Mulholland Drive where all the stars live.


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