Favorite Event at Disney?

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Favorite Event at Disney?

I've really only gone to MNSSHP, but would love to go to some different "events" at Disney! I so wish I could go to Food and Wine!

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I have to say that my favorite event at WDW was the MNSSHP closely followed by MVMCP.


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For me it's Food & Wine Fest. Great time of year to be at the parks and food/drinks from all over the world...Yum! I can't wait 'til October!

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Definitely food and wine, followed closely by MNSSHP and MVMCP (that's a tie!!).

I think the flower and garden festival is pretty, but it's just not as much of a WOW for me as food and wine. Maybe it has something to do with the food part. laugh

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food and wine all the way!


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mmmmmm f&w


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I love MVMCP! Unfortunately I've never done Food and Wine, its on my list of things to do in the next few years. mickey

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Maybe I should explain why F&W is not my favorite event. You see both my wife and I are VERY picky eaters and both basically meat and potato eaters and are NOT adventurous at all. Also neither of us drink at all, so for us the F&W adventure is not much of an adventure at all and MAYBE we would find one or two dishes with ingredients that we would care for. That is why LeCellier and Shula's is our favorite type of place.


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ATLDawg wrote:
For me it's Food & Wine Fest. Great time of year to be at the parks and food/drinks from all over the world...Yum! I can't wait 'til October!

Same here!
Can't wait either!




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Cant say I have one because we only go one week out of the year and its in mid to late november... sad


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Food and Wine and the Halloween Party..I love when you can do both!

I am not a SW person but I actually kind of like Star Wars Weekend..it was fun!


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I'm with Vette on this one - MNSSHP then MVMCP. We also are picky eaters and don't drink, so when we were there for F&W a few years ago, we looked but we didn't try anything. Just not our cup of tea. Which is the beauty of Disney - there are lots of cups of tea to choose from to make everyone happy!

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F&W, hands down! It's such a special time of year, and really a neat way to spend a day or evening - or several days/evenings! I love that Epcot does a mix of old faves with some new surprises sprinkled in every year.

BUT - after, or maybe even neck and neck with F&W, is the Epcot Christmas celebration, including the storytimes in each of the World Showcase countries, and the Candlelight processional. It is one of the most moving experiences I've ever had - ANYWHERE. It's really fantastic - totally gets you into the spirit of Christmas.

I'm also looking forward to experiencing a running weekend event this year for the first time. I think it will become a fave of mine as well.


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The Candlelight Processional brings my wife to tears everytime, very uplifting!

Been at Christmas, Halloween and FW, (going for the Eat to the Beat concerts this year).

Really hard to choose, went in Dec 2010 and thought the Christmas events lacked something of the previous years. Maybe it was the cold (really cold!) that made us feel that way.

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Food & Wine Festival for sure. Although I am partial to MNSSHP now too. It's too bad I didn't get to try more food and wine when I was there last year during the festival. I would def plan a trip during the festival again since I can do the Halloween party too. Best of both worlds awesome