First Disney Movie You Saw in Theaters?

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I have not seen first Disney movie but i know it's charm. How people liked it and yet too they love it. It's all age favorite and child love it too much.

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The Fox and the Hound, I was 8.

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Mary Poppins, at the Hazlet Drive-in NJ. Still a big fan of Dick Van Dyck. Now I want some pop corn....


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I am pretty sure it was Mary Poppins. Saw so many as a kid back in the early to mid 60's.

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Little Mermaid's original release was the first movie I ever saw in theaters period. I was 2 so I don't remember it, but the first one I clearly remember is seeing previews for Aladdin at the beginning of a movie we had at home when it was coming out when I was 4 and I remember telling my dad that I wanted to see that movie!

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My first Disney movie was Mary Poppins and my favorite. I loved it but I have to say Bedknobs and Broomsticks runs a close second. muchlove

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I think when i was in first standard then i had seen the lady and the tramp first Disney movie and i enjoyed it very well. I love Disney.

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My Mother tells me that it was Tarzan. I could knew the entire condensed version of the book at age 4 like the back of my hand. Explains why I skipped a grade I guess silly


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Oh gosh. It was probably Pocahontas at 4 or 5 maybe.


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I can't remember back that far LOL!

My best guess is that it was probably Robin Hood or The Rescuers - at least if we're talking first run movies. However we went to this summer film festival every year that played all of the Disney classics, so it could very well have been Bambi. My "gut" says that it was Bambi but I can't actually remember it.


I honestly can't remember what the first one would have been. I know my Mother took me to movies, probably mid 70's. The first one that I remember? Believe it or not, it was called "Watcher in the Woods", starring Bette Davis and produced by Disney. I think I was around 12 and it's the only movie that was on that my Mother and my friends Mother would let us see, because it was Disney. It scared the crap out of me and my friend and we spent most of the movie crouched down in our seats!

When I was around 25 I wanted to see it and started asking around at video stores for it. No one had it and finally one guy looked it up because he had never heard of it. He found where it had been released but no one had it. I eventually ran across a copy for sale in a department store that was going out of business a couple of years later. I still have it.

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The first movie I saw at a theatre was also a Disney movie and that was Snow White back in the mid 70's. I do remember that and I was about 7? I also really loved the older Disney movies that they showed on TV on the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights. Love all the ones with a young Kurt Russell. Could watch them again and again. mickey

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We never went to movies when I was young...but onetime we did go
to an outside theatre with my cousins. It was so cool, it made a huge impression
on me! It was a double feature... The Jungle Book and Zorro....

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I saw exactly two movies in the theater in the 1980's - Snow White and Cinderella. I'm thinking that Cinderella was first because I can just barely remember going with my mom. I'm thinking it would have been 1985 for the 35th anniversary release. I very vividly remember going to Snow White when I was 6, which would have been 1987--the 50th anniversary release. My grandmother was upset with my mom for taking me because she thought that the wicked queen would be too scary for me. I overheard the argument and I remember bravely saying to my mom, "she's not so scary" when the wicked queen changed into the old hag.


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Maybe Lion King. I would say Little Mermaid but I was a few months old when it was released and I don't think my mommy would take me that young to a movie theatre.