Not Central Florida, but Hey! Why not?

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Not Central Florida, but Hey! Why not?

WIth the Disney Cruise Line making Port in Miami for awhile, I'm wondering what there is to do before or after a cruise. Have you ever been to Miami? Where did you stay and what did you do?

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Miami is definitely an adult city, we have been twice and have friends who have moved from the uk to Miami beach. They asked us if we liked to 'party' which was a bit of a shock (should note that these were hubby's friends and this was the first time I met them!!), it's so readily available there. Btw we don't Wink it's beautiful for its architecture, atmosphere and shops but I wouldn't spend more than a few days there, I'm already past going out all night, maybe with a group of girls but when we go away it's me and hubby and there are things we would much rather do than be in a loud club shouting over the music to each other (omg I sound so old!!!).

The best thing we did in Miami was the duck tour, we did it on both trips. The guys were so funny while we were driving round, plus it's a great way to see the sights of the city.


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I agree, not much attracts me anymore to Miami, other than it's architecture and great food; too congested (streets and beaches).

When I lived in South FL, I traveled down to the Keys for its beaches, fishing, nightlife, slower pace atmosphere, and good food. You still have congestion, but for some reason the island feel made it tolerable. We also vacationed on the west coast of FL (Tampa/Naples) or north to Orlando.

Miami does have great shopping and some very nice museums/world class restaurants!

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I'm not a fan of Miami. I think South Beach is overrated (although the sand and water IS amazing and there are some great running paths!!). My issue w/Miami proper is that one wrong turn and you're in the wrong part of town. I've cruised out of Miami (not on Disney, on a Carnival ship that did NOT break down! laugh ), and I'd cruise out of there again, but I wouldn't hang around to make a vacation out of it.

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