To Theme or Not to Theme?

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To Theme or Not to Theme?

If you were to have a Disney Wedding would you chose a theme to plan around, or is it being a wedding enough of a theme in it's self?

I must admit, I love a good theme and I'm sure that there would be some serious Aloha going on at any Disney Vow renewal I would have. Right down to Stitch hanging off the edge of my cake (and maybe taking a bite out of it).

So would you theme? If so, what would it be?

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I might introduce a subtle theme - say a wedding dress vaguely reminiscent of a Disney princess gown, and cake toppers of a favorite prince and princess, but that would probably be as far as I would go. If I wanted to get a little silly, I could have Tiana and Naveen as frogs on the cake. Which isn't too far from what we actually had - bride and groom kitty-cats.

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Well . . . If I could get my way, I'd theme my wedding on the Mad Hatter's Tea Party . . . That sort of tippy, colorful cake, with two smiles on top. I'd make sure there were Eat Me & Drink Me cupcakes for everyone (a special order of bright orange butterfinger cupcakes, please!)

Sort of irreverent, but that is how I see it in my head. Not so serious, much more fun. Lots of fun, actually. awesome

HOWEVER . . . since I know I'd never be allowed anywhere near the theming of such an event, I am guessing it would be more subtle than that. Much more, with a white on white cake and MAYBE a hidden Mickey or two.

No princesses, no mice on top, just flowers, with individual cupcakes all around. They would be white on white, too. Boorring! waiting


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Well we had a little Disney in our wedding, the cake was madhatter style, table names were Disney couples. I would have had more but hubby hadn't been to wdw by this point so he hadn't fallen in love yet Smile


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We're doing a Disney themed wedding. I have a Mickey and Minnie cake topper and naming the tables after either characters or favourite rides at the parks Smile We haven't really started the invitations yet but they will be Mickey and Minnie as well.

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Well, our plan is to get married on the beach @ the Poly, so thats enough theming for me biggrin




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I'd so do a pirate theme!

Robyn, I still remember the pics from your wedding - that was just incredible and sooo much fun!!!

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We are wanting to do a 10 year vow renewal AT Disney World, but I don't do if I'd do a theme once there.

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For Jess and I... We're heading to Disney for our 10th anniversary, but don't think we're doing anything like renewing our vows at Disney. Would be fun... But without friends and family... Don't know how much fun it would actually be?


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My wedding wasn't in Disney but it was Disney themed- Alice in Wonderland. There are some photos of it posted on the board! Almost 1 year since the big day! clapping

...just editing and adding a link to the thread.


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I might not theme the wedding per se, but I've seen some really lovely photography done around the parks and resorts, especially in the Asia part of AK. There are so many gorgeous spots around property, I would definitely jump on that idea.