What if..... (08/12/11)

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What if..... (08/12/11)

What if you could either have the Magic Kingdom enclosed in an airconditioned dome or make the ride lines shorter in Magic Kingdom, which would you choose?


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Hmmmm. . . .good question! I think I'd choose shorter lines. I don't find the heat a problem so shorter lines for sure. How about you Jess?

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I'd go AC for sure. I wouldnt mind the long lines if it werent so hot

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Shorter Lines. The heat gives me an excuse to eat more frozen strawberry bars.



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I think I would choose air-conditioning... I hate hot weather


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My vote is for shorter lines


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Shorter lines, but not TOO SHORT 'cause I like some of the queue areas...10 to 15 minutes would be great.


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Shorter lines! I don't mind the heat! Besides, if lines were shorter we wouldn't be stuck in the heat as much!


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AC by far. That would make long lines worth it!


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Shorter lines. People spend too much time inside with artificial air.


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ChipnDaleFan wrote:
Shorter lines! I don't mind the heat! Besides, if lines were shorter we wouldn't be stuck in the heat as much!

I'm in agreement with ChipnDalefan!

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when in florida i like to make the most of the heat (we dont get much in the UK) so i would say shorter lines Smile


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wow, it's pretty split! I'd take shorter lines for sure. I live here and the heat doesn't bother me, I'm used to it and I can't stand to be cold, even some ac is too cold. I always feel bad for people who are obviously bothered by the heat and down here in the summer. Haven't they heard it's hot here in July? I have noticed most of you do not come down in the summer, see, y'all know better! We can always pick out the northerners, sweating profusely and lobster red sunburned laugh



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I'd go for shorter lines.

The unpredictability of the weather makes it an adventure laugh And kinda fun. If it pours you have to find alternative plans, and often we find ourselves doing something we never did before. Like Country Bear Jamboree. Never did it before and never had an interest until we had to find shelter quickly. We really enjoyed it and now make it a point to go see it.

And the rain or extreme heat can make me force Joe to sidetrack into an air-conditioned shop, which means more Disney shopping! muchlove

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Defiantly A/C.

I really cant cope with the heat in Florida, im burnt in 5 minutes.

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Man you're offering up the two greatest things I could think of!

I think I'd go with shorter lines. I've lived with the heat for so long...

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Definitely the AC dome. I AM extremely uncomfortable in high heat, humidity and crowds, but even more so I would like to be able to plan a wonderful day at MK without worrying about the usual "high chance of heavy rain or heavy thunderstorms" ruining it all. Even if you don't mind the rain, it's very dangerous standing around with lightning striking all around you!

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Haha - shorter lines, handsdown!


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shorter lines for sure! but i agree 15 minutes each would be great- so you get to enjoy the queue and get out of the sun! x


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Shorter lines...but wait, can I go in February? Wink