Where should we stay on our next trip??

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Where should we stay on our next trip??

Where should we stay on our next trip??

Next October is hubbys 30th and we are going to stay onsite for the first time ever!! We are only staying onsite for 5 nights, which is enough to get free DDP when we buy tickets. (this is on the UK website, the US website wont let us book that far in advance).

Now we love kids but dont have any of our own so we do like somewhere to get away from them a bit at night, which is why we are not staying onsite for the whole trip (plus the cost!). We'd like a nice hotel, we've always fancied the contemporary but on this last trip we have taken some time to have a look around the other resorts and like the look of the ones in the poll. Obviously some are more expensive than others but are they worth it? If we're just talking about which hotel is nicer then that would be a different poll, I really would like to know which you think is best for the price - for example, the poly is more expensive than the beach club but is it worth more or are they on par? do you see what I mean? I had a look at stormlong bay but to be totally honest its just another pool, and if I want a great pool I'll go to a water park, so that isnt a deciding factor for me. I like the idea of a magic kingdom resort i think but then they cost more.

See what trouble I'm having deciding? LOL. I need answers from other people on here, cause you know what its like to go away just adults, what do you think would be best for us?



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I had to go with the Poly. You can not go wrong with any of the Magic Kingdom resorts though. Pretty much it comes down to which theme you like best. Depending on which parks you enjoy the most, the Beach Club could be a great location too. I bet you are going to get lots of differnt thoughts as to whether or not each is worth the money. For me I would say a big YES. Warning...once you stay in one of them is is hard to go back to the others though.

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I went with Poly since you didn't list AKL, but that would be my first choice. Other was too vague of a choice.


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I love the Yacht and Beach Club because you are so close to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. Last time we spent more time at the Yacht club pool then Stormalong Bay because it was quieter and much less crowded. Plus you can walk or take a boat to the Boardwalk.

I don't think you can wrong with any of the Magic Kingdom resorts or really any Disney resort. mickey

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I still think Animal Kingdom Lodge is the best resort to visit. There are "some" kids... but you would be surprised on the amount of couples there. Also... It has some of THE BEST restaurants with Boma and Sanaa over at Kidani. And even though I havent been yet... Jiko is rated really high as well. So my choice would be AKL.


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I went with the Poly because I always hear so many raves about it.

We did the Beach club in 2009 and have to say, the location is great with proximity to Epcot and HS, and the pool is killer (but that's not high on your list). Only thing I didn't like was the maze-like feeling inside to get to our room.

Note that they do have plenty of kiddie-attracting events at the pool, so they are everywhere at the main pool.

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Out of the ones that you have chosen I think I would choose Poly. I have to agree with Mase though..Animal Kingdom Lodge is awesome and it's the lowest priced of the deluxes.


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I'll go with the Contemporary. I just love the feeling of modernity, but also that it's one of the oldest hotels, so there's a neat sense of history there. Plus, I just think the atrium and monorail whizzing through is so cool!

If you wanted to consider it, I think lots of people would recommend the Wilderness Lodge. It's supposed to be a little more reasonable for a deluxe from what I understand, and it's fairly easy to get around from there. Plus, it's just beautiful.