Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll at the End Zone Food Court

Did you all see the latest "What's New Around Walt Disney World" post over at the Disney Food Blog? I was casually scrolling through yesterday when suddenly what may be the most wonderful, indulgent, delicious breakfast food of all came up on my screen! Leave it to the DFB team to find the good stuff.

The Glorious Maple Bacon Cinnamon RollThe Glorious Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll

What is this delightful culinary discovery that's been found you may ask? Are you ready? It's a Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll. That's right, you read it correct, Maple - Bacon - Cinnamon Roll. Flakey pastry, is slathered with cinnamon sugar butter, sprinkled with little chunks of maple bacon then rolled up and baked. Then, while it's still steamy and hot, icing is generously drizzled across the top. I tell you, I need this in my life - right now.

Breakfast Goodness For Just One Snack CreditBreakfast Goodness For Just One Snack Credit

Where can you find this gem? Well, of all the off the beaten path spots you can imagine, it's located at the End Zone Food Court, at All Star Sports Resort. Disney understands that Guests staying at the Value Resorts need access to crazy fun food as well, and it's not uncommon to see some truly delightful signature dishes pop up. The Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll is $4.49 and if you're on the Disney Dining Plan it's just 1 snack credit.

Thanks so much to our friends over at the Disney Food Blog for exclusive use of their Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll image, and for alerting us to its very existence. 32 days cinnamon roll, and I am coming for you.

Have you had a chance to try this new treat at the End Zone Food Court? Is it worth my time for the out of the way stop, or is this a food fantasy gone awry? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought!

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