Disney Trip Disaster Averted..... Pixie Dust Sprinkled!!

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Disney Trip Disaster Averted..... Pixie Dust Sprinkled!!

So it's Monday and we're four days away from our annual "Mardi Gras" Disney vacation, so I decide to call the resort (Bonnet Creek) that we'll be staying at for 9 days, to check to make sure we're confirmed and that all is good to go for our 05-14 Feb. stay... Well, wouldn't ya know, they have us confirmed, but only for the dates 05-07 February! I said how could this be!!!! We booked for 9 days!! At that point, I was thinking....... confused Well, you can imagine... mad
The resort said that apparently the second week had been cancelled by someone and there was nothing they could do to fix the problem. They told me to call the travel agency that booked the room on my behalf. So immediately I called!! The agent I spoke with assured me they'd look into the problem ASAP and get back to me, as soon as they had the issue resolved... 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours passed and no calls waiting . At this point, I was starting to get worried that my room was lost for good, and the travel agency is now scrambling to find me another place to stay (not what I wanted or planned for!)... Well finally on my way home from work later that day, I saw where I had a missed (& Voicemail) call on my cell phone. So I dialed the number immediately and low and behold, it was the owner of the company who had earlier personally called me to let me know what he did to correct this SNAFU by his company... It turns out he (the owner of the Company) has several personal timeshares in Bonnet Creek (He lives in Golden Oaks, if that tells ya anything!) and stays there with his family of six often. He personally called Bonnet Creek and booked us an upgraded 3-Bedroom Deluxe Villa for our entire stay and kept the other 2-day 2-bedroom open for us to use as needed, or for friends traveling with us. I was ecstatic to say the least, that 1. We'd have a place to stay on our nine day Disney vacation and 2. That the owner of this multi-million dollar company personally called me to make this SNAFU right and even went above and beyond to upgrade us to the same unit he uses while he stays at the resort.

So Vacation Disaster Averted, and some Pixie Dust was sprinkled upon us stars ....... And we haven't even arrived at Disney yet... awesome

So I guess the morale of the story is.... Follow up several days (if not weeks) in advance prior to vacation travel and contact the resort/hotel/condo/homeowner etc. that you are staying at to ensure your accommodations are in fact booked and scheduled for the correct dates... awesome I sure am glad I did!! awesome

2 DAYS TO GO!!!! yeah stars yeah

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Wow!! Now that is some serious customer services!! How lovely of him to go that extra mile for you. muchlove


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Wow that is amazing! What great service! Glad you avoided disaster, that would have been really upsetting when you checked in...or worse yet when they came to kick you out on your last day! eek

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Wow! That's some fantastic customer service! Glad everything worked out for you. clapping


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That's AWESOME! I love a company with good customer service and will use them again and again. Sounds like you'll have a great place to stay!!


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That is fantastic! Sounds like Bonnet Creek is a great company.

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That is amazing Smile glad it is all sorted for yous Smile