help for a picky (ish) eater

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help for a picky (ish) eater

So a little back history on me......basically up until 2 years ago i was a burger and nugget eater for every meal at Disney! but due to an unexpected visit to F&W festival in 2012 (didnt really want to go - mom insisted we had to go for a look) and my taste buds (and stomach) were knocked out of their socks and i suddenly had a desire to try all these different things - not really sure what they were but i could smell something that i liked - and in this..............a food monster was born!!!!!

so this year we have dining plan and we have booked several new and interesting things for me to try but then we have decided to make a boma for dinner

now i'm hoping you all can help me 'm really really excited about trying this but i'm also very nervous as i'm worried that the things at this buffet will be too adventurous for me, so what i would like to know there normal food incase there is none of the adventurous stuff i like??? for example chicken, pork, beef etc???

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From another fussy eater.... I've never done boma for the very fact that I'm not 100% sure how much of it I will like. Plus I don't really enjoy buffets all that much, I'm too lazy hehehe


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You will be fine at Boma!! There are so many things to try tastes of!! And they have a carving board with ham, turkey and beef, along with regular potato dishes, etc. . .and in an emergency you can get Mac & Cheese, chicken strips/nuggets!!!


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They have pasta salad, pork shoulder, slow roasted pork ribs, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, pasta n sauce, baked chicken legs, assorted cookies and assorted brownies. Those are the "normal foods" that are listed on the website for dinner. They can change but I think they stay the same for the most part.

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If the lamb curry is on the buffet, get it. I could bathe in that stuff.

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We've eaten at Boma several times. Go ahead and try it. If you want to be adventurous, you can; if not, you'll find plenty of old standbys on the buffet.

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I unfortunately can't speak from experience since I've never been to Boma though I really want to! But anyway, here's a thorough review from the Disney Food Blog which I believe will definitely help because you'll be able to see visually most of the foods what they offer and get detailed descriptions.


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Thanks everyone I'm so excited to try this and I'm pleased there is some "normal food" but I am planning on trying everything once a thought the buffet would be better than on of the others like Sanaa etc because then I would have to choose a specific meal - this way I can try a bit of everything!!!

Jw24 I have seen that review an it did help a lot thanks

And for anybody who is curious to try I'll put a review in my trip report in October!!!

King Fergus

Hmmmm..A fussy eater eh...Yeh..My friends wife is a nightmare..When I married my wee lassie she wasn't adventurous,but I took her on a gastronomic trip on holiday one year..She hasn't looked back..As far as Boma goes, I can't see you having any serious problems with the menu..However being from England I'am sure you must like Indian cuisine..The most popular restaurants in Glasgow are Indian/ Pakistan ones..In fact a new one recently opened from a English chain group called " Akbars " and unless you book a table at the weekend,you haven't got a chance..( It seats 150 ) ..So this year I'am looking forward to taking my taste buds around the world at Epcot..

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Hope your review is good as this our 1 ADR we are looking to make next year..


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King Fergus

Well tho we are eating at Jiko and Sanaa this year, I had a wee look at Boma menu..For me I would start with the Seafood Gumbo and for my main dish I would opt for the Durban style chicken..If it's similar to Sanaa version of the spicy Durban chicken then it's awesome..It's not spicy as in hot but the flavour of the chicken marinated in those spices are out of this world..Excuse me whilst I wipe the dribble from my face...

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Believe it or not king I actually don't like Indian food!!! But I'm still really excited to try this

And Mr F I will have a very detailed review of boma and all the places we eat at!!!!

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They have both a meat carving station that have more adventurous sauces you can add (or skip if you prefer) as well as a small section that I saw as the "kid's meal" section with popular kids meal favorites such as mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and chicken strips.

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Both my mom and my sister are picky eaters (though the latter to a lesser degree than the former) and we went to Sanaa and they enjoyed the selections of the Tandoori menu. I imagine Boma would be no different.

If you want a preview, take a hike over to Art of Animation at some point before your Boma day. The Landscape of Flavors has one station that serves options very similar to what you'd find at the AK restaurants- Tandoori meat, Naan bread, etc. Split it with a partner so you won't have blown two dining credits. But, I think you'll like it. (And for my money, LoF is one of the nicest counter services restaurants on resort property. My last trip, we weren't even staying at Art of Animation and we made it a point to stop in for a meal.)