Hi. Just to introduce myself

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Hi. Just to introduce myself

Hi from the Uk and I have just found this group. My partner and myself are coming to Disneyworld for the 13th time from May 26th. We usually come around Easter time but thought we would try May.
We are staying at Port Orleans French Quarter this time and really looking forward to it.
Have stayed on and off Disney property but on is much better and as we have saved all year to come we don't mind the extra price you pay.
My partner has osteoathritis and this year we will be taking a wheelchair with us for the "bad days". Would love to hear any experiences from others who have mobility problems.
Take care

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Well Hello Clairie and welcome We are glad you found us and decided to join our group. You will find we are a very happy and courteous bunch of Disneyholics, Disneyphiles or whatever else you call it. Smile


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Hi and welcome Smile me and my hubby live in the uk also, we fly in 12 days time Smile I have mobility problems though I don't usually take a chair with me, and instead hire one there if I need it (the last trip there was only 1 day that I needed it as we tend to take it quite easy).

We are regular wdw'ers too, this trip is our 12th I believe, with another booked for September Laughing out loud

Have you stayed at POFQ before? Are you on the DDP?



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Hi Clairie!! Welcome to our forums!

I have mobility problems and travel to WDW frequently as well. I often rent a chair while there when I need one, I never know what's going to be a bad day until I'm having it. mickey Do you have any questions that we can help you with as far as that goes?

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Hi and welcome

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welcome We'll be at the World a few weeks before you, staying at Port Orleans Riverside! I think you'll really love it round these parts--we're a friendly bunch!


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Hello Clairie bearie and welcome to WDWForGrownups! Happy to have and I'm sorry you'll enjoy it here.

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Hi Clairie Bearie welcome



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Hi Robynprincess,

Thanks for your reply. Think we might hire a chair also instead of bringing one with us. We have never stayed at the French quarter before. Have stayed at the swan and dolphin, yacht and beach, grand Floridian, animal kingdom and wilderness lodge. We thought we would try a moderate resort this time and this looks lovely. We had the dining plan this year and we got it free and it was fabulous and even had some credits left!!
Thanks for the warm welcome!!!

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Hello Clairie and Welcome!!...so glad you have decided to join our Disney-loving group!



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welcome Clairie to a great bunch of Disney loving fanatics.

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welcome Clairie Bearie


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welcome Clairie


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yay Welcome to the group! You have come across the most friendliest and helpful group of people! mickey

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welcome Clairie. I'm from the UK as well and i've stayed for 2 weeks at POFQ in May! It's a lovely resort, in fact that's where i'm planning to return to when we visit next May. yay Looking forward to hearing more of your plans.



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Hi, Clairie! We're glad to have you!

I have no advice to give as far as wheelchair rental goes (I would recommend renting once you get here, as Robyn and Kristen have suggested), but I CAN tell you that May is a beautiful time of year to visit! Most of the kids around the country will still be in school, and you should have beautiful weather! I have heard many, many, many good things about POFQ.

I hope you have a wonderful visit to the U.S.!!

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Welcome, Clairie! clapping


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Welcome to the best WDW forum around. POFQ is one of my all time favorite resorts! I think you're going to love it!


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Welcome! I too am somewhat new and have found this to be one of the nicest forums around! I also would rent a chair once there; I've had to do this after having reconstructive knee surgery for a torn ACL and MCL (from playing co-ed softball no less!) and like with everything else, Disney goes out of their way to accommodate guests' needs. It's the Disney way! biggrin


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Hello and welcome

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welcome stars


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welcome From Bonnie Scotland..POFQ and PORS are great resorts...Have a magical vacation.. clapping

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Hello and welcome! I've only been here a very short time and it's starting to feel like home! welcome


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