Our 3week disneymoon PRE TRIP report!!!!!! So excited I may burst

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Our 3week disneymoon PRE TRIP report!!!!!! So excited I may burst

Well its nearly here. Just over 5 weeks to go until we get that plane and fly to Orlando. First we have the small issue of a wedding to finish planning for.
So we are both 25 and have been together 7 years. We decided the best place to go on a Honeymoon was Orlando as we are unable to sit on a beach for weeks doing nothing. This is also our first trip to America and Disney World.

The Plan
10th August - Fly into Orlando late after noon. Wander around Downtown Disney. Stay at All Star Sports Resort.
11th August - Disney Dream 4 night Bahama Cruise
12th August - Nassau
13th August - Castaway Key (Extreme Getaway Adventure Pack)
14th August - Brunch at Remy and day at sea
15th August - Head back to WDW to Blizzard Beach. Rainforest Cafe@8pm Check in at Saratoga Sprigns for 9 nights
16th August - Typhoon Lagoon.
17th August - LegoLand. Epcot in evening Coral
18th August - Shop. Magic Kingdom in evening Be our
19th August - Chef Mickey@8am morning in Magic Kingdom. Evening in Hollywood Studios
20th August - Hollywood studios in the morning and Epoct in evening. Rose and Crown@7pm
21st August - Morning in Epcot. TRex Cafe@6pm
22nd August - Animal Kingdom for the day. Boma@ 6.20pm
23rd August - Universal
24th August - Magic Kingdom. Victoria and Alberts@ 6pm
25th August - Water park in morning. Le Celleir@6pm
26th August - Morning in Magic Kingdom. Evening in Hollywood Studios
27th August - Universal
28th August - Universal
29th August - Universal and City Walk
30th August - Last minute shop in Downtown. Fly out early evening.

Just writing the plan down i get excited. Any other tips. We have planned naps and relax by the pool in the middle of the day as I am very fair and burn and want to stay out of the sun at this time of day.

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Hi and welcome and congrats on the upcoming wedding and trip! Have you ever been to WDW before or will this be your first trip? I'm super jealous you'll have 20 days there! I really wish I could swing that long of a trip!

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welcome I'm from the UK as well. You've got a great disneymoon planned there, you have obviously been doing your research mickey I think the best thing about having to fly from the UK to WDW is that we do tend to stay for at least 2 (or 3) weeks. It means you take everything at a relaxed pace and don't feel you have to try and get everything done in just a few days. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your plans.



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Hi and Welcome! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, will we get to see any pictures? I just love to see pictures of a wedding Laughing out loud where in the UK are you from?


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Wow !! This looks so exciting !! yay Looks like you are in for an amazing time !! Congratulations !!


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Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your upcoming wedding and Disneymoon.


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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and Disneymoon. I'm with Allie I would love to be able to go to Disney as long as you will be. I realize you need that much time coming from so far away. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

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Hello! Thank you for sharing your plans with us and congrats!! muchlove

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Congrats! Sounds really fun!

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Awesome Trip!! Second the request for pictures!! Smile Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!


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Wow, how fun!! Welcome and congrats Smile

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Welcome and congratulations on the upcoming wedding! What an exciting trip you have planned!


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I will add my welcome and congrats too! 2 weeks in the World? Ahhhhhh. muchlove


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That is quite a plan! FUN! And congratulations! A Disneymoon is the best! mickey



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congrats and welcome sounds like a truly fabulous and wonderful trip, I am sure you will really muchlove it.


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stars Whoo hoo! Welcome Snow White! stars

It looks like you have an absolutely fantastic trip planned!

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Thanks for the responses guys.

We are from Wales and just looking forward to the trip so much. It will be our first time in WDW and want to do so much. Have I missed out anything really important.

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Well, in my opinion you need to add a night at Palo while on the Disney Dream.
It is my absolute favorite Disney restaurant mickey

Also - That many be way to many days for Universal.