Disney's Boardwalk

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Nightlife at Disney World

Do you think that when the gates of the Magic Kingdom close, the whole Disney complex goes into quiet mode?  Not true.  If you're an adult looking for something to do after the sun goes down on another hectic day at the parks, consider heading to Disney's Boardwalk.  What is a charming, quaint, and nostalgic place to grab some ice cream or browse shops by day, at night, the Boardwalk serves up some great entertainment for the adults in your crowd.

The Boardwalk boasts some good places to indulge and relax over an adult beverage.   For starters, Disney's Boardwalk boasts the only brew pub within WDW.  There is an ESPN sports bar for those of you who'd like that sort of thing.  Several restaurants also are included along the Boardwalk.

Also an option at the Boardwalk is Jellyrolls, a bar complete with excellent dueling pianos and sing alongs.  After a day of hoofing it around one of the parks, a lot of relaxing fun can be had here with nary a child in site.