Downtown Disney

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Nightlife at Disney World

Even after a day of taking in all that the Disney parks have to offer, you're looking for some nighttime recreation and entertainment that preferably doesn't involve fighting kids for some space in your hotel's pool or hot tub.  A suggestion from us:  give Downtown Disney a try.  Before you balk and manuever your way to a different page, hear us out.  Downtown Disney can be a great place to head to for some after hours fun.

Interested in a late dinner that's removed from standard theme park fare?  Downtown Disney offers a variety of restaurants for a late meal, snack, dessert and/or drinks. 

If shopping is more your idea of some late night fun, Downtown Disney aims to please.  It has a whole myriad of shops open quite late just waiting for your cash or plastic. 

Sometimes, a vacation isn't a vacation without taking in a movie.  An AMC theater in this downtown area is sure to be showing something current that will fill a few hours of your night.

Whatever you have a hankering to experience after the parks close, give Dowtown Disney a try.  The area is accessbile by the Disney bus transportation system.