Nightlife at Disney World

Though it is a family friendly place with plenty of children, Disney definitely has some offerings for adults when the sun goes down.  If you're looking for info on nightlife in and around Disney, you've found the right spot.

Check out our handy page on Disney's Boardwalk.  During the day, this stop evokes images of days gone; by night, it comes alive with entertainment.  Listen to the music, take a spin on the dance floor and grab a bite to eat.

Another spot for after hours entertainment is Downtown Disney.  With a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shows, Downtown Disney has something for just about everyone. 

And for those of you who want the inside scoop on different places around Disney to grab an adult beverage, check out our page on different resort bars. 

No matter how you want to spend your time after a day of park hopping, we hope our info helps you get the most out of your stay at Disney.