Christmas 2013 SURPRISE Trip!

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Christmas 2013 SURPRISE Trip!

Hi Everyone..... This is LONG Overdue, but.......

Monday, Dec 16th: Pre Trip"SURPRISE!
Monday dawned as a normal work day. I'm in my classroom, teaching, and my principal comes in. He hands me a blue letter with our school's letter head. It states something to the effect that I need an attitude adjustment (!!!!). Then it goes on to read for me to pack my bags, because my boyfriend Preston has planned a surprise trip for me to Disney! I scream and cry, super excited! Race home, the two of us jump in the car and pull an all-nighter driving to Atlanta (where my parents live) to drop our car off as we will be flying back there for the holidays.

Wednesday, Dec 18th: Flight and Arrival
Wake up super early to catch a 7:10 flight out of Hartsfield Atlanta. In TSA security I find a huge, squished cockroach in my shoe and proceed to freak out. Preston then gets antsy, worried TSA may misinterpret my freak out as something suspicious. They don't, we get through, he gets the bug out of my shoe, and we board our plane for the uneventful flight to MCO!
Onto the Disney Magical Express, where Preston reveals we are staying at Caribbean Beach. Quick, quiet, and very uncrowded ride on the "motor-coach." Did they update the video? We were there in July and I swear it's different, but I also might be crazy!

We checked in to CB and found that it was huge, pretty, but the room was just We did have a King Bed though.... After dropping off our luggage in the room, we hopped a bus to DTD.
Wednesday was a non-park day as my sister, who is a CM, was using her main-gates to allow us free park entry, and she was out of town until Thursday. So, we spent the day at DTD. We had a tasty lunch at Earl of Sandwich. The weather was lovely, so we walked the Marketplace and Westside, doing some window shopping and the like. After hanging out on some lounges and people watching, we decide to catch a movie...Frozen!!!

We had ADRs at Boma. We have never been to AKL before that, and we were ENTHRALLED. The food at Boma was AMAZING and the resort is just gorgeous. We will definelaty be staying there in the future. Wow. And Boma was just....special. That carrot-ginger soup (which I got the recipe for!), the matar paneer, the peanut rice, and YUMMMY Zebra Domes! All of it was tasty! I hailed us a cab back to our resort and we crashed.

Thursday, Dec 19th: A Very Special Day!!!!
My sister was due in WDW around noon, so we putz around in the pool for a few hours. She ends up getting in sort of late....3. We have 6:30 reservations at Chefs de France, but Preston really wants to go to MK because the black-out days start for MK the next day. It's really our only chance. Unfortunately, we just can't swing it. We are both VERY disappointed, but oh well. We proceed to have some fun in EPCOT...we ride test track (so fun!) and do some Holiday Snacking-Around the World (Sweet Tamales from Mexico, Happy Face Fried Cake from China, Rice Cream from Norway, and Hot Salted Caramel Drink from Germany...) We head to Chefs for our favorite Dinner.... Preston has the steak with green peppercorn sauce and I order the onion soup and macaroni gratin. For dessert chocolate mousse! Yummy!

On our way out of the restaurant, Preston pulls me in front the fountains and drops down on one knee, pulls out a ring and asks me to marry him!!!

I, of course, scream yes! I hug him and we both fall over. Everyone in the France Pavilion is clapping and cheering. It was the perfect moment!

After we "take it all in" we ride Spaceship Earth for a quiet moment, then head back to CB. Perfect night!

I have photos I will try to upload soon.........


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Oh, my goodness! A surprise trip and a surprise proposal! More trip report, please!

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AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! To it all, the surprise trip, the proposal. It's all so cute Laughing out loud can't wait to see pictures!!


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yay yay yay

How amazing!!!

Is there a Disney Wedding in your future then?

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What a great surprise. clapping


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congrats what a wonderful surprise!

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What an amazing surprise!! What a lucky girl!

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That is so awesome. Congratulations to you both. So...Disney wedding?

I especially love that your principal was in on it attitude adjustment? Priceless! mickey

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congrats to the two of you.


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Beautiful! What a wonderful engagement story!! congrats


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Oh this makes me smile! Congrats!!!

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What a wonderful way to begin a lifetime together! congrats

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What a terrific proposal! date congrats

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awesome congrats!

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What great surprises!! So happy for you!! Would that be an early Christmas present then?

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Congratulations! What a great surprise (two of them really)! So excited for you both!


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Congratulations congrats stars


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Wow!!! Your now-fiance knows how to do it, doesn't he? clapping clapping clapping congrats

Can't wait to hear about the rest!


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Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more.

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congrats on the engagement! So exciting!

We had the same impression of CBR when we were there. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

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Congratulations! muchlove