Hello from the First State!

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Hello from the First State!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Emily and I live in the small state of Delaware, and I am Disney World obsessed. My cousin is a cast member and he officially got me hooked. This year will be my 4th trip in a row for Food and Wine Festival. I can't imagine a better time of year to go! I am actually dabbling into DVC rentals as my boyfriend and I may be interested in investing but don't want to commit yet. I get to book my trip this Saturday and could not be more excited!! I feel like I am driving the boyfriend nuts with my Disney ramblings so I figured I'd post here so I can ramble with some like-minded people. I have actually been reading this forum for a couple months now but decided this is the time to post.. so hi!


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Well Hello Emily and welcome to WDWFG, please ramble on and enjoy your obsession glad you came out of the shadows of lurking and decided to join our happy bunch of Disneyholics.




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welcome From Bonnie Scotland...Great to have new members...Were also heading to WDW in October..Our 6th visit,but first time in October..Looking forward to MNSSHP and F & W.... clapping

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stars welcome Hi Emily welcome stars


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welcome Emily we have been to the past 2 F&W festivals and going back for a 3rd!!

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Hi and welcome Emily! We love the food and wine too, this year will be our 4th time in 5 years going for it Smile


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Hello Emily and welcome to the boards.




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welcome Emily yay

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Since we are using state nicknames, welcome to the board from the Granite State (actually the 9th state).

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welcome You've come to the right place! There are so many awesome people with lots of great info to share on this site. Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming trip!

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Hi and welcome Congrats on your upcoming trip! I LOVE F&WF! Do you generally stay on property? What's your favorite resort?

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Hello Emily & welcome to WDWForGrownups! From PA here and glad to have you join our merry group!

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Welcome Emily from another Disneyholic who hails from the Keystone State - PA.

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welcome Glad to have another Disney fan on board!

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HI and Welcome!


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Hi Emily! Welcome to the group mickey

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Hi and Welcome from the Sooner State. Food and wine can be a fun and active time in the world showcase.


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welcome from the Palmetto State!

We are going down for F & W in November! This will be our first F & W trip and I am over the moon excited. I have been trying to keep the Disney talk to a minimum with the hubby but I read so much on here and other pages that I can't keep it all in! Thank goodness for all y'all!!!!


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Welcome, Emily! I'm from PA, so I guess that makes us neighbors! We have a bunch of folks from the mid-Atlantic region. I feel like we should all meet up at home!


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Hello, and a big, noisy welcome from New York City, Emily! Let's hear it for the Northeast! (The absurd snow this Winter aside.) Congrats on your Fall trip!


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Thanks everyone for all the welcomes! Its great to see such enthusiastic Disney people! mickey


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Allie wrote:
Hi and welcome Congrats on your upcoming trip! I LOVE F&WF! Do you generally stay on property? What's your favorite resort?

Yes I always stay on property, I can't imagine doing it any other way... Since we are broke twenty-somethings we usually have stayed at value resorts, Pop Century being our top pick, but this year I am going a little overboard and renting DVC points. Fingers crossed for Boardwalk or Beach Club.


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Welcome and enjoy!


Yes, that's me in the profile pic...kudos for guessing the movie...

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Welcome, Emily!

I hope you're able to do the DVC thing, but Pop Century is so fun, too!

Has your cousin told you any fun cast member stories??

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Welcome to the group, Emily! This is definitely the place to be, especially for Disney fanatics...part support group, part mentor...heh wink Oh, and part "enabler" too biggrin

I currently hail from the *second most awesome* state...the State of the Mouse! Err, no...that could be California...oh, yeah, I'm in the Sunshine State LOL! North Florida, actually...so not near as awesome as living really close to WDW.

Oh, the reason why it's the second-best: my heart belongs to Texas Smile Which is rather humorous because I was born and raised in southwest Michigan, but I lived in Texas for a good amount of time, thanks to the Air Force.

So, again, welcome to your new, best hangout!

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Hi from snowing (grumble) Wisconsin. We had 40's on Monday (almost balmy for us) but tonite, alas it is snowing again.
We have robins and Sand Cranes now, but I think they are stuck in ice and snow and wondering what is wrong with their compass!

I first came to the Magic Kingdom when it was only the Magic Kingdom at WDW and you parked outside the park. My parents, always thrifty had us go to the motor home for lunch to save one meal! We had those cute packets of tickets where you always had a spare few that couldn't be used unless you bought more.

Since then, My DH has taken 7 choirs for the Music in our Schools Celebration in March, and he talked me into going it as a couple for our 25th. I couldn't believe he wanted to go back after only a few months, but his reasoning was enough: "I want to go with you, and NOT with three buses full of kids, and a tux."


We took our adult sons with us twice more to celebrate their respective college graduations and finally this Sept we are going with another senior couple to celebrate their 45th and DH and my retirement! They haven't been there since it was only MK too, so this should be a hoot!

I have a Disney guest bedroom, Disney teapot and cookie jar in my kitchen, and a LOT of Disney t-shirts (I am NOT too old)! mickey


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Bonjour from sunny Guernsey welcome


Howdy Y'all
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Chao from the tar heel state or the state that claims to be the first in flight, but that is debatable...although my license plate does say we were first.... silly

I'm Lyndsey! Welcome to Disney heaven!

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Welcome Emily to the forum!

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I think this is the first Disney fan I've met from DE. Welcome from NJ!


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