Please tell me the weather people have it wrong?!?!?!?!?!

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Please tell me the weather people have it wrong?!?!?!?!?!

One of our benchmarks for an upcoming trip is when the weather channel can show us the forecast for the 10 days out. Today we can see the first four days of our trip and it says "highs in upper 80's and lows in low 77's" (okay so far) BUT "80% chance of rain EVERYDAY!" yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck

Please tell me, those of you who go in Sept, if this means we are going to be ducks for a week and never sit by the pool, or is this like the usual summer 3:00 shower that can drench you if you don't have a place planned to go??????


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It rains pretty much like clockwork at about 4pm every day in September, grab a poncho and power through - it's what we do!


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10 day long-range forecasts for Orlando are rarely right anyway. I think they just figure if they say there is a chance of rain everyday, they can claim their forecasts are accurate. Robyn is right - you can almost set your watch by the afternoon thunderstorms, but they usually blow off fairly quickly. We never had a fall trip without plenty of pool time.

Have ponchos with you, and an extra pair of shoes if you have room in the suitcase. Our first trip in September we got caught in a downpour between WS and FW in Epcot, and squished around in wet shoes for a day. yuck



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I've lived in Florida for 11 years. For all 11 years I've lived here, It rains almost every afternoon in September. Sometimes it is 30 minutes, other days it rains for several hours, most of the afternoon. It can be a medium shower or a torrential downpour that soaks you to the bone in 3 minutes. August and September is the height of Hurricane season here. Be happy if you only get Rain and not a hurricane while you're on vacation in September. Bring ponchos and/or umbrellas, dry socks in your purse and plan indoor activities for the afternoon.

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So we are at Disney now and it has been so so hot. We have had a rain shower every afternoon but you can work around them. They don't last long and it sometimes cools off a little. We are thinking of pushing next year's trip out later in September or maybe October not because of the rain but the horrible heat. We just grab our umbrellas and head out to where we need to go.

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I've been going to Disney steadily for the last 6 years, and always in mid to late September. Last year was the first year I experienced the really heavy rainfall - but even on the days where it rained for a few hours (so hard that at times it was ankle deep, sloshing down the boulevards in HWS) the sun always came back out, and the evenings were always dry (though sometimes soggy).

As they've mentioned above - a poncho, some dry socks, and even some spare shoes can save your day! But for an additional tip I would suggest that in the unlucky event that you may become soaked to the bone, avoid going into any heavily air-conditioned buildings right away if you can. If you're anything like me you'll catch a cold and miss out on some of your time on your amazing vacation!


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AnnielovesDisney wrote:
August and September is the height of Hurricane season here.

For real!! I always do weather research before booking in a month I don't usually travel, and make my family pack for anything we may encounter. Last year when we went in June we even brought special covers for the ECV. I hate being wet but sometimes at Disney you just have to let it go and keep on touring!

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Thunderstorms were predicted every day we were at the World last week, except for our first day. It rained each afternoon, sometimes just a quick shower, but there were 2 days when it rained longer than 1 hr. We just took our ponchos with us after that first day with rain and we pulled them out a couple of times. As Robyn mentioned, you just power through it - and it usually doesn't last long. mickey

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As Jan said, when we were there last week there was only two days that were real downpours where we had to duck undercover for awhile. The other days were just quick rain showers where we were perfectly fine walking around, two of us without ponchos even.

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Just got back from six days, and it rained I think three or four of them? But it was SO hot it was a very welcome rain, plus it helps clear out the parks a lot. Only one day was it a serious, run for cover or get drenched (we opted to get drenched a couple of times!) storm. But it ended up being a pretty fun day and we still did everything we wanted to do, and we didn't even have ponchos!! So you'll be fine. awesome