Disney World Arcades

Looking for something else to do in Walt Disney World?  How about something under a roof that won't require you whipping out the poncho for the fifteenth time in a day?  Consider heading over to a WDW arcade for a wide range of games that is sure to appeal to everyone in your party.

One of the great things about the arcades at WDW is that they have long hours, typically open from 7 am til midnight.  This makes a great option if you have an early riser who's looking to fill up a few hours before the parks open; the arcades are also good for the night owls in your clan. 

Many of the arcades work on a cashless ticket system.  That doesn't mean they're free to play (had you going for a minute, didn't we?), but it does mean that you can buy a card filled with playing credits.  Once those credits run out, you can buy more.  Also handy is that the cards can be used at arcades participating in the cashless system throughout WDW.

There are not quite twenty arcades to be found around the WDW resorts.  Find them at all of the All-Stars resorts, the Contemporary, the Fort Wilderness Lodge & Campground, and the Coronado Springs resort as well as many other resorts.