Disney World Miniature Golf

For many travelers, going on a vacation simply isn't a vacation without a round of miniature golf.  If you haven't heard yet, you can have your Disney vacation and your mini golf, too.  Disney offers two courses for guests at WDW, and we've got the info you need about them here.

If you're looking to play a round or two of mini-golf during your WDW vacation (which, by the way, can be a great way to spend a day after the parks close up early, or as a refresher or break from the parks), you have two options: Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland.  Fantasia Gardens, not surprisngly, is inspired by Disney's "Fantasia" and contains one true miniature golf course (Fantasia Gardens) and one course that is like a real golf course, only on a smaller scale (Fantasia Fairways). 

If you're looking to cool down with winter thoughts even in the heat of the summer, then check out the Winter Summerland.  This, too, has two courses: the Winter course and the Summer course.  Both have a holiday theme.

We hope you find our pages devoted to WDW mini-golf helpful in planning your next trip to Disney.  Happy golfing!